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Limited time offer

First 2 users free with full access to web & mobile apps. Each additional user is $20/mo

SynkedUP features

  • Customer & Lead Management
  • Estimating & Job Costing
  • Scheduling
  • Project Management Tool Set
  • Time & Material Tracking
  • Invoicing + Quickbooks Online integration

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What others have to say about SynkedUP ?

“We have finally found a software platform that is doing it all. No longer are we entering information into multiple programs and manually analyzing our numbers in spreadsheets. If you own any kind of contracting business look into this!”

-Fred Pape
SynkedUP Customer

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What does a demo consist of?

We’ll walk through the tools and workflows of SynkedUP. We’ll also do an in depth Q&A session with you to make sure your needs mesh well with the SynkedUP platform.

So come prepared with your questions!

Does SynkedUP integrate with Quickbooks?
Yes we do integrate with Quickbooks Online. Customers, invoices, services, and employees all sync seamlessly No, we do not integrate with Quickbooks Desktop. Sorry. ? But we do have excellent people that can provide a turnkey service to help your company switch from Desktop to Online. All you do is go make another cup of coffee. ☕
Does SynkedUP have a free trial?
No we do not have a free trial. But we do offer personal, live demos, which is essentially a deep dive into your needs, frustrations, and pain points, and, provided your needs and SynkedUP’s tools are a good match, we show you how SynkedUP can help you solve these frustrations. We also only have a month to month commitment, so worst case scenario, you pay for one month to get a business coaching session. ?
Does everyone in my company need a user account?
No, not required, but you certainly can if you decide your team needs it. SynkedUP supports 2 models:
  1. Everyone on your team having user accounts
  2. Only senior staff having user accounts, such as office admin, salesperson, foreman, etc.
We actually prefer the model where senior staff have user accounts, and the rest of your team are just free “crewmembers”. We suggest drawing the line between paid user accounts and free crewmember accounts like this: anyone on your team that is senior enough to be expected to work on their own, without another foreman or supervisor on site, should have their own user account so that they can record their own timesheets and access job info from the mobile app.
What support does SynkedUP offer?
We have real, live, human being experts available for chat or live screen share support to get you unstuck and answer questions. Live chat is available M-F 9 – 5 Eastern time. Our searchable help center with step by step guides and video tutorials is available 24/7.
How long does it take to onboard SynkedUP?
We have a 3 step account onboarding process:
  1. Take payment to activate your account
  2. Send you a form to fill out with some info about your business
  3. We set up and configure your account, and schedule a 60 min Zoom call to go over everything, show and teach, and at the end of that call you are able to be on your own two feet, creating customer, consultations, accurate estimates that generate pricing based on your numbers.
So, basically 15 min to fill out the onboarding form, and hour long call, and you are good to go.
How long does it take to implement SynkedUP into my business?

1-10 days

This varies depending on your type of business. For smaller (5 or less person teams) companies, it is quite quick, within a few hours you can be adopting the new workflows and fully implementing the system. For larger (10+ person teams) there are usually more moving parts, more people to train, more workflows to rethink and adopt, and can take up to a week before things feel like they are humming. It more or less comes down to your appetite to implement change as opposed to reverting back to your old way of doing things. We as humans are fickle; it’s easier to keep doing what we always did, even if that system is broken, than it is to change and start doing things in a better way.

Common blockers that slow down implementation:

  1. Lack of a list of items. If you have never had a spreadsheet or list in a software of all the items that you use, such as pavers, mulch, plants, etc; then it can take some time to build all that out. (Fastest way is to ask your vendor to provide you with a spreadsheet of the items you buy, and import that into SynkedUP, which allows it to still be quick)
  2. If you’ve developed bad estimating habits, and want to keep reverting to your old way instead of allowing your estimating formula be a cold hard emotionless formula that is based on your own numbers.
  3. Lack of leadership in providing your team members with a plan to adopt and implement. Allowing employees to complain and stall, as opposed to leading with purpose and sharing the vision with your team on what is required for the business to be successful.
Does SynkedUP have an affiliate program?
Yes! We offer a $500 affiliate payout* for any referrals you bring that sign up for SynkedUP. This is a limited time program. 200 of these $500 payouts are available. Once 200 referrals/payouts occur, the program expires. Chat with us to find out how many of these are still available. We will announce when the 200 payouts are exhausted. *Conditions apply. Payout is split into two payments and/or credits. First payout is available 6 months after referral signup date, final payout is available 12 months after referral signup date. If referral cancels prior to 6 month threshold, no payout is administered. If cancels after 6 months, 2nd payout is not administered. 
Is there an annual contract?
For a limited time, no. As of right now, we only require a month to month commitment. You can cancel any time. Better get on, because this isn’t going to stay this way ?
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can cancel anytime. Just let us know in writing at and we will cancel your account. Your account access will shut off when  you most recent 30 day period you paid for expires.
Does SynkedUP do refunds?
No we do not offer refunds. All payments are final. However, we bill on a month to month basis, and you can cancel at anytime.