Our Story

Have you ever lost money on a job and not known why?

That’s only one of many questions I could ask you. Questions that likely you and I both resonate with.

SynkedUP started forming as a vague pipe dream of an idea while we were onboarding onto a software to run our growing landscaping business.

And then we onboarded on to another.

And another.

The more softwares we tried, the more the SynkedUP idea started picking up steam. Every time we turned to the next offering on the market we became more frustrated. They all had their strong points, but none of them allowed us to comprehensively run our business; spanning roles from the guys out in the field to the book keepers in the office.

We were running one software to track our time and estimate jobs, but then after those jobs were done, that software didn’t have any job costing or invoicing. So we were running yet two more softwares for those activities. And the scheduling and CRM tools greatly lacked, so… we ran yet another software for those functions.

Get the picture? You might be living this scenario right now.

We wanted to solve this issue in the worst way. We were wasting so much time trying to keep data in all these various softwares updated and current. They didn’t talk to each other. Everything was painstakingly manual. We got serious about this SynkedUP idea, and began holding meetings with our team, bringing in other experts to gain insight. And we started on an endeavor that turned in to way more than we ever anticipated.

As we started planning and developing a custom software platform to synkronize (see the pun? ?) our landscape company’s operations, we paused….

We thought to ourselves, we are not special. We are just a regular landscaping company trying to efficiently run our business. There’s got to be others out there just like us.

And there is. You.

So we rolled up our sleeves, committed to the vision, and flew in to this project with the passion that comes from believing there is a better way.

It was 2016 when we first started developing this software. And now, we have been becoming not only more efficient in our own business, but also more profitable in our own business, by using SynkedUP during the last 4 years. Behind that login screen there is a growing team of developers from all over the world, support staff, and a group of users that are thrilled with the impact that SynkedUP has had on their companies. People just like you.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing.

A way to make a living that doesn’t rob us of our “life”.
Enable our employees to grow and have great tools to do their job.
We want to hit our financial goals. And when we don’t, we need to know why.
Not lose sleep over the craziness going on at work. We want a system and a process that can be followed with ease.
Our team working in harmony.

That. Right up there. That’s what SynkedUP is and does. It’s what we live and breath.

We are a tool that allows you to take control of your business, your processes, and get your team SynkedUP.

Welcome to the movement. I can’t wait to hear your story.

-Weston Zimmerman
SynkedUP cofounder